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Beehive rental, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby,


Good beehive management = Stronger healthier honeybees = More delicious honey to enjoy!


How Honeybee Happy Beehive and Honey Sharing Works?

  • Choose your honey share option.

  • Take part of the September Harvest Party or have pure honey delivered right to your front door.

  • Receive quarterly / seasonal updates on your bees.

  • Bring your friends and get to know your bees. Join me in inspecting your hives.

  • Get hands on and learn all about your honey bees and beekeeping.

  • Bottle and label your own honey.


This is great for families, businesses, or schools that do not have the space or ability to host a hive(s). With Honeybee Happy Beehive Sharing you will help build strong bees, enjoy the benefits of local honey, and have the opportunity to learn all about the amazing honey bee, pollination, and the beekeeper.


All equipment is new and managed all year around by Head Beekeeper Mark Vanderende.

Want a unique opportunity to help save and strengthen the amazing honeybees? Beehive sharing is a real easy way to invest in local beekeeping and in return receive your share of the honey harvest.

Beehive share, Richmond, Langley, New Westminster
Beehive honey share
Beehive share
Beehive Share

Honeybee Happy Beehive and Honey Share Options 


One healthy hive on average can yield 50 - 60 lbs of honey each year. Your share(s) guarantees you a honey harvest every year you invest and covers all management, maintenance, risk of loss, feeding, medicine, and bi-weekly inspections and updates.

1/4 Share of a Beehive

Receive 3 x 500 g jars of honey plus jar of pollen 

Quarter shares are available year round.
Cost: $150/year

1/2 Share of a Beehive

Receive 6 x 500 g jars of honey plus jar of Pollen

Available for purchase October 1 - March 31. 

Cost: $300/year


Full Share of a Beehive

Personalize your hive and create custom labels for your honey jars. You will also receive a Pollen BeesWax gift.


  • Receive 12 x 500 g jars of honey

  • Available for purchase October 1 - March 31. 

Cost: $600/year



Answers to some of your questions

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