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Honeybee Happy Delta BC

Our Story

Two Beekeepers on a Mission

Founded in 2010, Honey Bee Happy is located in a small suburban area of Vancouver British Columbia.  With incredible Biodiversity, North Delta is home to Burns Bog, a 40 Square Kilometer habitat that includes a Water Shed and many Species of Plants, Wildlife, Insects, Birds, and Marine Life... Bee Heaven!!.

North Delta, White Rock and the Fraser Valley our farms Provide U-pick Fruits and Veggies to the locals for many many years.   

The goal of Honey Bee Happy became play an active role in helping reverse the decline of the amazing Honey Bee and Native Pollinators. Through our Bees for Community, Bees for Business, and Educational Workshop Experiences, Honey Bee Happy plans to grow every year with the help and partnership of local backyards, Businesses, large acreage properties, and the Farming Community. 

It is our ongoing commitment to work with the Farming Community and Land Owners to sow over 100 acres of bee-friendly wildflower seeds on unused land by 2025.   

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