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Beehive rental, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby,


We handle all of the work, so that you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of the hive, learn about beekeeping, and enjoy Craft Honey extracted from you own Hive

Honey Bee Happy provides fully managed beehive Adoptions for Homeowners and Businesses in Vancouver and the surrounding region.


It is our ongoing commitment to work with the Farming Community and Land Owners to sow over 100 acres of bee-friendly flower seeds on unused land by 2025.


Our mission is to enhance the environment visually and improve biodiversity whilst providing vital food sources for all pollinators.

The benefits of Adopting a Honey Bee Hive for your Family or Business.

1.  Corporate and Social Responsibility.  

Play a key part in helping to reverse the decline of the honeybee and improve environmental biodiversity

2. Provide longterm retention and excitement for both Employees and Tennants

3.  Family Time and Team Building.  Learn about Bees and Beekeeping. Have your  Family or Business take part in one of our Honey Bee Workshops and Honey Bee Experiences.  Take a Farm and Hive Tour!  

4. Personalize your Hive and share your Knowledge and experience with others.  

5. Show me the Honey!!  Join us in the process of Crafting Raw Honey from your own Hive. Personalize your labels that showcases your family or Business thru Social Media.

6. Giving Back.  For Every 10 hives adopted we will provide 12 Jars of Honey to the local Food Bank.


              It's a Win Win!! 

Honey Bee Adoption Pricing


Price per Year: Starting at $225

Discounts will apply for Multiple Hive Adoptions



Honey Bee Happy Adoption 

The Queen Bee 


  • Adopt one fully managed and personalized Hive at Rain Bird Farms or Norum Gardens.

  • Receive a gift-wrapped, personalized Adoption Certificate

  • Quarterly video and photo updates on your Honeybees

  • One large Pack of Wildflower Seeds to spread about your Garden or local Meadow

  • Receive12 jars of Craft Raw Honey from your very own Hive

Custom Add Ons 

  • Add a personalized adoption plaque featuring your logo installed on your hive, home, or office.

  • Schedule a  Farm and Hive Tour Experience for your Family or Business.

  • Need more Honey?  No problem. Get special rates.

Bees for Business

Whether on one of our own Apiary Farms, a Downtown rooftop, balcony, or terrace,  we will assess your location to make sure the bees have the prefect location.

We'll send quarterly updates of photos and short videos for you to see your bees in action.  Join us inside your office or at your Roof Top / Urban Hive(s) for a Interactive Workshop Experience.  Your also welcome anytime to visit one of our Honey Bee Happy Apiaries.


Team building at its best!!

Don’t worry about stings either - Honey Bees are not interested in humans. Their Number 1 goal is to bring pollen and nectar to their colony. Bees have no motivation to sting you - if they do, they lose their stinger which holds very important organs and they die.


At the end of the year enjoy the gifts your bees worked so hard to give us.  Show me the Honey!!

Want to enhance your Beekeeping experience? 

Along side your Hive(s) we can help you build and design a Bee Hotel and Pollinator Garden.  Not only will you be helping the Honeybees you will be also attracting Native Pollinators like the Bumble Bee, Mason Bee, Butterflies, and many other native species.

So what are you waiting for?

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