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Book your Honeybee Happy "Sunday in the Hive" party today!

Backyard BBQ honeybee behive birthday party

Are you a Backyard Beekeeper?

Invite us to your next BBQ or party and impress your guests as we together learn about bees, pollination, and beekeeping. You and your guests (while enjoying a cold beverage of course), will explore into a beehive and become a hands on beekeeper for a day.

Sunday in the Hive Party

Great for backyard BBQ's, birthday parties, and corporate events.


Perfect for all ages. We have lots of bee suits for adults and kids. Let us set up a craft table where kids can learn, craft, do the bee dance, snack on honey treats, and explore into the amazing life and home of a honeybee.  


Challenge your BBQ skills with fantastic honey recipes. You will be the talk of the block if you try the Hawaiian Honey Burger or the Honey Glazed Baby Back BBQ Sauce Ribs


Not only will each guest leave with a jar of local honey they will have a greater appreciation for the amazing honeybee, pollination, and the beekeeper. Kids also get to create and leave with a bee craft. (Bee Slime, Wild Flower Bomb, Build a Honey Frame, or Make a Beeswax Candle).


Cost: $20/guest/minimum charge $200 



  • Professional beekeeper

  • Equipment table and demo beehive

  • Beekeeper suits

  • Honey treats 

  • Games 

  • Craft and snack table

  • Endless information about the amazing honeybee


You might even have a guest who wants to become a backyard beekeeper or join the Hive Share Program

Beehive frame
Honey plant seed bomb
Beewax candle
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